Tooth Colored Fillings

A decayed or injured tooth should be restored in order to avoid further damage. The restoration not only supports the functionality of damaged tooth but also prevents it from bacterial invasion. The choice of restoration depends on the extent to which the tooth is damaged. Tooth colored fillings are widely used in our Cosmocare Medical Center for small injuries/damage of the biting surface of teeth. The resins are created to rightly match the color of a natural tooth and provide strength to bear the load. The simple process is painless and can be completed in the single visit. If you have a decayed tooth or injured tooth, make an appointment and visit our dentist. Our restorations can help improve your oral health.

Tooth colored fillings – When are they required?

A tooth, which is damaged from an injury or decay, may need a restoration to support its functions. The injury may be the result of biting nails, bruxism or biting on hard items. Tooth decay is caused when bacteria feed on sugary foods and release acids which destroy the tooth. Under both the circumstances, valuable tooth enamel is lost. The dentist replaces the lost enamel with composite materials that are fabricated to rightly fill the destroyed area of the natural tooth.

Dental fillings procedure

Our dentist firstly checks the condition of the tooth before recommending a restoration. If the tooth is decayed it can be identified through direct observation, taking x-rays or by using special dental instruments. Once the decay is identified, our dentist removes the infected part.

The process of restoring damaged tooth using dental fillings takes place step-by-step. An etchant is firstly used over the prepared tooth. This agent creates a rough surface of enamel at the microscopic level which helps the bonding agent to adhere to the surface better. The composite filling material, which matches the color of the natural tooth, is applied over the prepared tooth. A special light may be used to accelerate hardening process. The filling is finally trimmed to make sure that it fits the damaged area and there are no sharp edges or bumps.